#RevRazonCritica | Special Issue on «Understanding the International Cooperation between China and the developing world»- I. ed. 2024


For its 16th Issue, commemorating the 10 years of the Belt and Road initiative and the 10 years of the foundation of the Confucius Institute – Utadeo, the Editorial Committee of Razón Crítica invites scholars to submit papers dealing with aspects of international cooperation between China and Latin America, particularly focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative.

Topics including, but not limited to:

  • Political, economic, financial, infrastructural, humanitarian cooperation between China and Latin America
  • China’s poverty reduction policies: successes, setbacks, and lessons to be learnt by the rest of the world, including China’s international cooperation strategies aimed at poverty reduction abroad
  • China’s advancement and cooperation in the Green Energy sector
  • 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party
  • Latin America’s changing political environment in relation to the China-United States competition
  • Migration studies
  • China’s Rural Revitalization studies
  • Interchange of civilizations

Guest editors:

Chenxi Luo, PhD (Southwest University, China)
Guo Cunhai, PhD (Institute of Latin American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Lorenzo Maggiorelli, PhD (UTadeo, Colombia)

Deadline April 1, 2023 

Call →→https://bit.ly/Call-RC16
Pautas →→ http://bit.ly/pautas_RC_21
Guidelines →→ http://bit.ly/GuidelinesRC_21
Diretrizes →→http://bit.ly/DiretrizesRC_21

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